For Sale Old skool Drum 'N Bass records '92-'95


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Jan 25, 2007
I'm selling my whole collection of records because I finished my hobby.

All records are in good or excellent shape and only used at home dj-ing.

Please make an offer for everything or let me know which records your interested in. Tried to upload an easy list but PM or send a email so I send you a PDF or Xcel list.

For post & package costs to your country send me email for prices, depends on your wanted conditions.

Have an nice day!

Catalog# Artist Title Label Format
RIVET 1250R 4 Hero Golden Age (Remixes) Reinforced Records 12", Pic
PNT 034R Acen Close Your Eyes (Remixes) Production House 12"
PNT 042 Acen Trip II The Moon - Part 1 Production House 12"
PNT 042R Acen Trip II The Moon - Part 2 (The Dark Side) Production House 12"
PNT 042RX Acen Trip II The Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax) Production House 12"
PNT 051R Acen Window In The Sky (Remixes) Production House 12"
NWKT 38 Altern 8 Evapor 8 Network Records 12"
JBO 31 Ballistic Brothers I'll Fly Away Junior Boy's Own 12"
SHADOW 11 R Blame Music Takes You (Remixes) Moving Shadow 12"
DJX0018, DJX 019, DJX 0019 Crystl* Meditation / Warpdrive (Remixes) Dee Jay Recordings, Dee Jay Recordings, Dee Jay Recordings 12"
SHADOW 50 Dead Dred Dred Bass Moving Shadow 12", Art
MYST 002 Digital Nightcrawler / Fear Natural Mystic Productions 12"
MET 006 Dillinja The Angels Fell Metalheadz 12"
V006 DJ Krust* Jazz Note / Burning V Recordings 12"
PNT 058R DJ Nut Nut The Rumble (Remixes) Production House 12"
B2B 12007R DJ Taktix The Way (V.I.P Mix) Back 2 Basics 12", S/Sided
TABX 115 Egyptian Empire The Horn Track Ffrreedom 12"
RAMM 9 Flatliner The Big Bang / No Boundaries RAM Records 12"
DJ 008 Invisible Man* / Mysteron (2) Skyliner (Remix) / U Don't Know Timeless Recordings 12"
TABX 108, 869 725-1 Isotonik The Isotonik E.P. Ffrreedom, Ffrreedom 12", EP
MET 007 J.Majik* Your Sound / Tranquil Metalheadz 12"
RIVET 1264 JLM Productions Matter Of Trust EP Reinforced Records 12", EP
TRIBE 3 Kicks Like A Mule The Bouncer Tribal Bass Records 12"
WAP 20 Kid Unknown Nightmare Warp Records 12"
XLT 28 Liquid Sweet Harmony XL Recordings 12"
SYNTH 007 Metalheads Angel Synthetic 12"
SYNTH 007 Metalheads Angel Synthetic 12"
ROCC002 New Decade Get The Message / ABC (Remix) Out Of Romford Records 12"
XLT 27 Nu-Matic Hard Times XL Recordings 12"
SV004 Original Vibes* Music Is My Life (94 Remix) Spinning Vynal 10"
PTK06 Photek U.F.O. / Rings Around Saturn Photek 12"
12 SCA 5 Punter, The Guestlist Scat Records 12"
RAMM 10 Shimon The Predator RAM Records 12"
SUADLP 05 Shut Up & Dance Death Is Not The End Shut Up And Dance Records 2xLP
SUADLP 01 Shut Up And Dance* Dance Before The Police Come! Shut Up And Dance Records LP, Album
FTX002 Sy-Uss & Reality (9) Tribal Instinct Flavour Tracks 12"
RIVET 1253 Tek 9 Breakin' Sound Barriers EP Reinforced Records 12"
RIVET 1252 Various Enforcers Vol. 5 Reinforced Records 12", MP
XLFP 001 Various Four Play Vol. 1 XL Recordings 12"
PNT 040 X-Static (2) X-Static EP Production House 12", EP
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