Old Skool 94-97 Summer Selection Mixed By Madcap (Good Looking Rec/Creative Wax)

Old Skool 94-97 Summer Selection Mixed By Madcap (Good Looking Records/Creative Wax)

Track list:

01. PFM ‘Wash Over Me’ Good Looking Records
02. Bukem & The Peshay ‘19.5’ Good Looking Records
03. Roni Size & DJ Die ‘Music Box’ Full Cycle Records
04. Cloud 9 ‘Jazzmin’ Moving Shadow
05. Photek & Tayla ‘Bringing Me Down’ Good Looking Records
06. EZ Rollers ‘Believe’ Moving Shadow
07. Aquarius ‘Wave Forms’ Looking Good Records
08. Tango ‘Spellbound’ Creative Wax
09. JMJ & Richie ‘Free La Funk’ (PFM Remix) Moving Shadow
10. LTJ Bukem ‘Horizons’ Looking Good Records
11. Aquarius ‘Aquatic’ Good Looking Records
12. Links ‘Close Your Eyes’ Good Looking Records
13. Future Bound ‘Sorrow’ Skanna
14. Jazz Juice AKA Alex Reece & Wax Doctor ‘Detroit’ Precious Material
15. EZ Rollers ‘Retro’ Moving Shadow
16. PHD & MC Conrad ‘Presence’ Ascendant Grooves

Direct Download Link... http://dnbshare.com/download/OldSkool94-97SummerSelectionMixedByMadcap.mp3.html
Mixcloud Link with Tracklist... http://www.mixcloud.com/MadcapUk/old-skool-94-97-summer-selection-mixed-by-madcap/

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