Old Skool 8-Track Mixer

MC Motion

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I got given an eightie's 8 channel mixer today for free!!!! I found it while having a clearout at work, I couldn't believe my luck!! I work in a Kitchen so its the last thing you expect to see while clearing out an old room. I was gonna chore it straight away but I thought to myself 'hang on, do this legit Mr Motion'. There couldn't of been an owner for it so I put my happy hat on and asked the manager if I could buy it off him. Glad I asked cos he didn't have a clue what it was, where it had come from or who owned it and said I could have it!!!!

Any techie buff's know of a make called Audiotec? Sound like some really cheap fake make like Soundlab or something. Certainly not promsing but none the less you don't find an 8 channel mixer everyday and get to keep it without stealing it!!!

Thankyou whoever left there old studio mixer @ my work for me to stumble across and give a home to. If your the previous owner, don't worry you couldn't of hoped for it to come to a better home!!!! :bashfader: