Old School Cracker (Radius at the controls) 192kbps full tl,1hr 2 mins,


Full Spectrum Selection
VIP Junglist
Sep 29, 2005
Somewhere over the flyover
Here you go a fully normalised and mastered mix ( as always )
http://www.filefront.com/17704837/old skool cracker.mp3

85.4meg 1hr 2 mins 192 kbps

Starting in the pre jungle days, and passing a nod to some of the influences that led me to be a junglist….ending in some chaotic 1992 jungle hardcore...this is certainly a taste of where we started, and were we were going in the early 90's......its a ragga harcore jungle techno thing ...big up ....

1. “Afro Dizzi Act” Cry Cisco –Escape Records
2. “Depthcharge” (Han Do Gin mix) Depthcharge –Vinyl Solution
3. “Back by Dope Demand” King Bee –S12 re release
4. “Street Tuff” Rebel MC
5. “The Bee” The Scientist –Kickin
6. “No Idea” Earth Leakage Trip –Moving Shadow (#1)
7. “Sweet Dreams” Eurythmics (Dave Angel Nightmare mix) –RCA
8. “Number One” Kicks Like a Mule –Tribal Bass
9. “Me Israelites” Chops EMC & Extensive –Faze 2
10. “Future Sound” (Original Mix) Phuture Assassions –Suburban Base
11. “Express Yourself” The Family Foundation –380 records
12. “The Bouncer” Kicks Like a Mule –Tribal Bass
13. “Dancehall Dangerous” Hackney Hardcore –Strictly Hardcore
14. “Bombscare” 2 Bad Mice –Moving Shadow
15. “Some Justice” Urban Shakedown –Urban Shakedown
16. “On A Ragga Tip” SL2 –XL Recordings
17. “A Fly In My Soup” Undercover Movement –Strictly Hardcore
18. “Ephemerol” Tic Tac Toe
19. “Conscious Lyrics” Underground Software –Reinforced
20. “Dark Matter” Kev Bird & Wax Doctor –Basement records
21. “Different Ting” Underground Software –Reinforced
22. “Hurt U So” ( Bootleg mix, I think) Johhny L -????
23. “In The Shadow” 4 Hero -Reinforced

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