Old Jungle Track with Soul II Soul Sample?


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Please excuse the fact this is my first post on this fine looking forum. Taking a quick look around this section, I see others posting links. I really wish I could do the same, but I sadly can't. I'm looking for the name of a early Jungle track that was very ambient and felt very experimental at the time, it used lot's of sounds that mimicked natural sounds. Not a lot to go on I know, but, the track had one iconic sounding vocal, it had a female vocal singing "This wayyyy" (long stretch with ambient tones popping off in the BG). All I faintly remember was that it was sung by a female singer in Soul II Soul, but I'm really not sure with the state of my memory.

All I ever had of it was on a crusty old tape that's long gone. It would mean a lot to be able to listen to it again.

Thanks for any help ;)