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Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by JamesZero, May 3, 2012.

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    I was thinking about an old EZ mix I used to have years ago (not any more) which I used to love. Thought I would come on here and see if anyone has it, I'm going to be so vague tho lol

    I'm 100% sure Kie was on it, possibly B-Live but I'm not sure, I'm guessing around early 2000's.

    The one mix I can remember is him mixing Genius Crew - Boom Selection out of Todd Edwards - Show me a sign... he keeps cutting the word boom in between the show me a sign lyrics... so it goes

    "show me a sign, cut, boom, cut, show me a sign" etc something like that anyway!

    Anyone have any idea what I'm on about? I wish I had more info but I can't remember much else apart from loving the mix.
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    sadly i have no idea but if you do find out link me up please , SOUNDS BIG :)