Olcyrus - Sunday Session MAY 09 [archive]


It's time for another Sunday Sessions :slayer:

For those of you who are new to the Sunday Sessions, it's a monthly broadcast that i do featuring the music that moves me and that I love. It's a bit to the left of what you would hear in a club but still great drum and bass to have on as you go about your day.

As has always been my thing, I want to bring you guys new music and new artists. 90% or more of the music I play is free and available for a 320 MP3 download. I'll tell you where to find them, cause yes, this is radio and I do talk some. I seem to get funnier towards the end, go figure that one out ;)

I started archiving them last year but have been slacking on the last two months. So after friendly joking from others around the globe, i managed to archive this one. i hope you enjoy :cheers:


1. G money - Stranjah - Lightless DUB
2. Terror Tactic - Fushara - Free 320 MP3
3. Gravi Gun - Mendelayev - Free 320 MP3
4. Against The Flow - Sub - Free 320 MP3
5. End of an Era - Fanu - Lightless DUB
6. Funky Giraffe - Cycom - Free 320 MP3
7. Teachings From Ranikhet - Eschaton - Free 320 MP3
8. Break The Comfortable - Speak - Free 320 MP3
9. First Step - Speak - Free 320 MP3
10.Revelation of Self - Speak - Free 320 MP3
11.Voluntary Enslavement - Speak - Free 320 MP3
12.Metalux - Jono B -
13. Olcyrus - Seattle dnb Battles Rnd. 1 (10 minutes of shame)