OLCYRUS - Atmospheric Experiments


Atmospheric dnb mixed by Olcyrus


Tracklisting -
1- Solar Cell - KMC
2- Return To Odessa Keys - Suni & Phorte
3- Mistical Messing - Ultracode
4- Across The Space - Mendelayev & Amp
5- Oceanography - ASC
6- Spheric - Cavernous Space
7- Tous - Nemos
8- Love & Happiness - Zyon Base (Saburuko rmx)
9- The Ghost Of Jungles Past - High Contrast
10-Break The Comfortable - Speak
11-The Time We've Left - Naibu feat. Yun
12-Elements - Cavernous Space
13-Cosmatron - Cavernous Space
14-Surface Calculation - KMC

It's not perfect by my highly critical standards but it's solid enough and has a good flow. I don't see many atmospheric mixes out there so I wanted to toss this out. Recorded it Saturday while just messing around. Listened to it in the car while getting from one place to the next and I dig it. Great Sunday morning wake up music. I hope you guys enjoy ;)

New soundcloud page for 2011 mixes. You can check other mixes on www.soundcloud.com/olcyrus