Hello fellow bass junkies. My names Terry or known to most, Dezmond. I'm really passionate about the raving scene and have been so ever since i heard Nicky Blackmarket and Stevie Hyper D on a Hysteria tape pack about 10 years ago now. I do love my oldskool, hardcore, techno and hardstyle aswell and go out raving probably almost every week!

Can't stand people who think that because they are into the mainstream dance music, list Darren styles and Cascada as their favourites and go out 'clubbing', they are ravers. Are they fuck. You int a proper raver till you been to a free party on a shitty field, twatted on drink and drugs. Plus, mainstream music for me, is aload of cheese on toast wank with added tommy k.

Anyways, i do abit of djing myself. Only at home though, but i tend to do more mcing. I'm not one of those mcs who spit out silly gansta shite. I would say i'm more versatile and my lyrics contain truth, respect and passion. Also, unlike alot of mcs today, i appreciate the tunage to shut the fuck up and let the music roll! My inspiration would definately have to be hyper d and mcmc. Wish i could have seen them live as they come across with alot of charisma and personality aswell as sick lyrics!

Anyways. Thats it from me for now unless anyone wanna know more? Just ask. Much love man


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I completely agree with that shite about silly teenage girls with daft bright paint on thinking there some "hardcor ravers lol" with there Vodka Kicks...
I like you already! Nice to have you on the team!