ravin' lunatic!
What's goin on people, my name is Amy, I'm 21 years old and am a LIQUID FIEND. Love those beautiful beats, the emotion. I remember first listening to dnb in my dad's studio when I was about 11 and he would produce his own beats, rip them to a cd, create a sticker to make it look all professional and send it off to a man who would always say it wasn't good enough to do anything with. I used to love it though, he'd call me into the room, sit me on his knee and put the headphones on me. After this I would notice dnb more and more, mostly the ravey jungley stuff which i'd like and get my groove on to, but something was missing. Branched out a bit and realised that liquid is nectar for the brain and haven't looked back since. Don't get me wrong I love a good rave up but liquid has a definite place in my heart! Can't listen to a tune if it ain't got any heart behind it.

Enough of the emotional ting, I'm always laughing, taking the p1ss and searching for new music to skank out to! I'm a friendly little lady so don't be shy! :)