Oi Oi!

Hello people, been a member for a few weeks now so its only right I introduced myself.

Got into dnb/jungle about 7 years ago which got me into the world of dance music. Then got into dubstep and have been mixing that for about 5 years. Things started to get a bit stale in that scene (for me anyway), went to see marcus intalex and lenzman at a club night and that pretty much reignited my passion for dnb (via liquid form). Although i dont get many bookings these days since the switch, I have to say I love it. have been mixing dnb for the past year and it still feels as good as when i first started mixing in the first place.

Got myself a copy of reason a couple of months ago now and thats occupying alot of my time these days. I know its a steep learning curve but im loving it! im lucky enough to have a quiet job where i can sit on a pc all day and swat up on synthesis/theory, and theres been many a question iv gone to ask on here only to find its already been covered on these forums, so i would like to say a massive thanks to all the helpful people on here who are so keen to lend their knowledge and patience to us noobs! Hopefully one day il be at a stage where i can other useful info back to the community.

For now peace out!

(any members on here who like classic dubstep might wana check out http://soundcloud.com/hi-def there will be dnb mixes to come on there as well.)