Ohmicide help

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Basically i got ohmicide but am proper crap at it
i dont have any presets for it.

anyone point me to some tutorials, or write some advice, or even gimme some working presets :)

i heard its a powerful piece of kit but feel i cant use it at all!



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first of all, read the manual, make sure you're familiar with all its function, and which knob does what. it'll be pointless to read further if you arent..
now, inset it on a drum loop. enable only the first band, and make sure the cutoff is open. (from 20 Hz to 20 KHz). now start messing around until you find something you like. the main tools for that are the "gain" "shape" and "body" knobs, and also go through the different distortion algorithms. You can tame some of the wildest effect with the "gate".
that's a good start for when you want to use ohmicide as a normal distortion unit. but teh fun starts when you add more bands.
Again, follow the previous steps, but this time try and find a setting that makes the low end of the drumloop sound nice, and dont worry so much about the mid and top. Once you got it, turn the cutoff down to the desired frequencies, and repeat the process on the next band, and mess around until you find something nice for the mids, then the tops etc.
also, mess around with automating the cutoff frequencies and the gate's attack.
love me some ohmicide nastyness! (y)