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mp3 store - end.user pre-release & submerged 'bar brawl' - exclusives

We are proud to announce the official opening of the Ohm Resistance MP3 Store on site!

We have several of the back catalog releases uploaded and encoded, and are working furiously to get the rest up! We have two major exclusives that you won't find ANYWHERE else here: a special remix pre-release from end.user - remixes and VIP version of 4 tunes off the album for a special price - just $5! Headlined by an epic Submerged drone rock remix of black light, the mini-EP also features a brutal fear remix from Atek, and two end.user VIP versions of songs from the album.
Also we have the long awaited "Bar Brawl" from Submerged, with remixes from Panacea, Identity, and Purple Unit. Check the store and keep coming back, as we'll be updating frequently. Samples of everything online in the MP3 store!

end.user - left - release date 2/26/2008 CD - 3/18/2008 Digital
Starting the year off with a bang, end.user releases his latest album "left", after the usually prolific artist took 2007 off. The debut release for Lynn Standafer on Ohm Resistance, we are partnering with Hymen for the vinyl release of this project. "left" sets a new standard for the end.user sound, with tracks ranging from the trademark assault of his lethal drum n bass, and works in the slower vein of the bpm meter, from dubstep to portishead meets early scorn downtempo. It also marks his first collaboration with Australian vocalist Sol Thomas, whose strong vocal prowess is a notable addition to the end.user toolbox.

fanu + bill laswell - lodge - release date 3/11/2008 CD - 4/1/2008 Digital
Following last year's Method of Defiance success, this follow up record sets Finnish beat splicer and drumfunk overlord Fanu up with the kingpin of the NYC underground, Bill Laswell. Also appearing are Pfunk's Bernie Worrell, and Norway's trumpet master Nils Petter Molvaer. Seriously upping the funk quotient, more accessible and groove focused than "Inamorata", "Lodge" is right where the electronic projects of Miles Davis were headed in the 1970s - taken to the 21st Century level of Science. Don't sleep.

ohmwreckers february 18th - ewun & the d.c. invasion

Ohm Resistance's power club night, OHMWRECKERS, returns on february 18th at Konkrete Jungle with the following line up:
EWUN (Lifted, Rochester)
KAOTIX & LYCAN (Jungletrain.net, DC)
SILENT KILLER (Ohm, Resistance, Brooklyn)
BREAKER (Guerilla, Brooklyn)
REACT (Ohm Resistance, Brooklyn)

Come out and enjoy your favourite heavy dnb smashers from the Ohm crew, with our guest Ewun - for those who aren't familiar, Ewun's style is both industrial and hip hop influenced, putting together a radical new form of next level drum n bass robot b-boy method.

* Scorn - Stealth CD (6M OHM)- Mick Harris returns for the first time in 4 years with his dubstep destroying 8 track sludge romp.
* Method of Defiance - Inamorata (5M OHM)- Bill Laswell and co. pair drum n bass headliners (Paradox, Evol Intent, Black Sun Empire, Submerged, and more) with musicians from the Miles Davis era and beyond (Herbie Hancock - who just won a grammy!, Dave Liebman, Kondo, Molvaer, Buckethead, and more) and out came a sense defying journey, combining man and machine into one.
* Method of Defiance - Inamorata Single 1 (5M OHMSAMPLER) - Inamorata on 12" - The first single from Inamorata features Black Sun Empire + Graham Haynes + Pete Cosey, and DStar + Byard Lancaster!
* end.user - left CD (7M OHM) - 2/26/2008
* Fanu + Bill Laswell - Lodge CD (8M OHM) - 3/11/2008
* Submerged ft. Corrupt Souls / C.A.B.L.E. - Gutter [C.A.B.L.E. Remix] b/w One More TIme - 26K OHM 12" - 4/2008
* Submerged - Vinyl Collection 2xCD (9M OHM) - 4/2008
* Technical Itch - You Need Therapy Enhanced CD (10M OHM) - 5/2008

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