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Ohai thur guys!

To start off with, my real name is william (willem), 17 years old and i come from the Netherlands.
I mainly came to these forums for the production side to learn more about drum and bass and producing it (duh lol), so thats where you most likely can find me on here haha.
I'm a Drum and Bass artist, and going by the name " Impact " (hence my username) I still am a beginner, so I hope there is lots to learn from here for me, and get a better knowledge of how DnB is constructed etc etc.

I also am fairly new to the whole scene, just jumped in it a month or 3 ago, and I fell in love with it the second i heard Black Sun Empire and Corrupt Souls.
After a little month or two i decided i wanted to make "dark" drum and bass aswell, so i did some research, found a working D.A.W. for me at this moment (probably will try others aswell later) which is called "Renoise" (some of you might know this D.A.W. i think)
Got me some VST's to work with, and at times i tend to use samples. (tho i'm always trying to use none, except for the breakbeats.)
(yeah, i guess you could call me a beatslicer, since thats actually what i just do.. take a break, layer it with others, chop it up and turn it around a bit.. but i cant drum and record that for real =p )

Been producing for 2 months now, and having 3 songs done, but since this is not meant for self-promotion, i'll post some link somewhere else on the forums.

Got any questions? Ask me!