Drum & Bass Offworld030 - Antibreak - Advent star lp CD + Digi out now



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Offworld030 - Antibreak - Advent star lp

Release date: 11th October 2013 exclusive to the Offworld store, worldwide 28th October.

(CD) + Digital available now to buy exclusively on the Offworld Store

Available now to purchase worldwide at all good digital outlets.

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The Cd is exclusive to the Offworld Recordings store.* Free digital mixed copy for immediate download with purchase of the cd.

Antibreak has created an epic, sci-fi themed album for Offworld Recordings. Drawing on influences from film and game scores, `Advent Star` leaves Earth behind to immerse you in a future where human colonies sparsely populate the solar system.
It is a lawless, unpredictable frontier. A dark presence from beyond threatens the very existence of mankind, and a lone survivor from an abandoned colony holds the key to salvation.

All 12 tracks create a rich, intense, roller coaster experience for any listener. The CD release features specially - commissioned art.

*Please note this album was made to be listened to in one sitting and is blended seamlessly in track order, but can be mixed individually.


"An Antibreak album is like an aneurysm. It's a memorable experience. You've never felt anything like it before. It hurts,
it takes you close to death, and you may never be the same afterwards. But if you do manage to recover, you will take solace
from the experience, and move on with new-found perspective in your life. Advent Star is no exception. I feel like I need treatment and after-care, but I don't regret a single moment of that hour of WTFJUSTHAPPENED??? audio.

*Disclaimer - the trivialization of a serious illnesses should not be taken lightly. Neither should an Antibreak album. Strap yourself in, kids."

Haze (Red Mist Recordings) Released "11 Shades of Night" in 2010

"While I was pleased with Advent Star, Prometheus left me feeling cheated…”

Rob Healy - Anthrophone Released "Layered"

Artwork by Maciej Rebisz
Additional Typography and layout by Jason Leder

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