Offworld Recordings LM1-Blue mountain Ep+3 free tunes!

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    Offworld Recordings is proud to present its first full release featuring the talents
    of label founder and producer LM1.Fresh from releases with Covert Operations, Levitated
    and Golden Orb, LM1 is a rising talent on the drum & bass scene and already well known
    for his trance-influenced atmospheric sounds. Along with forthcoming releases on the likes
    of Dispatch, Midnight Sun, Vibez and Outsiderz, LM1 continues his progression with the
    opening EP for Offworld Recordings - an exciting new project LM1 hopes will bring fresh
    exposure to the sound he loves.

    Originally destined for Covert Operations, the Blue Mountain EP has been heavily supported
    across the scene, and since Covert sadly closed its doors, the EP finds a new home with
    Offworld. Setting the pace for the label with 4 superb trackswhich sound fresher than ever,
    the EP is a must for fans of the deeper side of drum & bass!

    OFFWORLD001 - LM1 Blue Mountain EP

    A:LM1-Blue Mountain
    B:LM1-Season of Descent

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    bonus download of an additional three FREE LM1 tunes with your first order!

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