Raiden + Propaganda-Machinesoul
Lethal + Khanage- Murkage

The Panacea Remixes
The work of four offkey artists condensed on to one 12”, the eagerly awaited remixes of two already massive tunes from the OK camp, The Panacea was invited to record for Offkey after Panacea heard ‘Machine Soul’ (ok001) and soon became a major member of the OffKey family. The original tracks have been major highlights in The Panacea’s sets since thier inception and it was only right that the half man half machine would be asked to do Offkey recordings first batch of remixes.

Raiden + Propaganda-Machinesoul- The Panacea RMX

Taking the original’s bullet train aesthetic and making it all his own, tearing your heart straight out and stomping on it in front of you, Panacea adds weighty bass stabs the really do reign terror when unleashed in a club.
The original blueprint for machinesoul (ok001) was to make a peak time track that had rolled like no other before it, and it did just that-with big labels hunting for it the track instantly became an anthem and now Mr mootz has added his own twisted touch.

Lethal + Khanage- Murkage- The Panacea RMX

Lethal + Khanage brought us ‘Murkage’ after Raiden requested a flip to Jawbreaker (ok006) asking for a dancefloor monster he got just that-dancefloors around the world lapped up the tune with its cheeky Burty B sample and its bouncing off the walls breakdown- a stepping monster.
The Panacea took the original and turned it into a truly stomping piece of android funk, a never ending loop that might cause hysteria if listened to under the influence, imagine this remix as godzilla smashing through buildings and streets alike...

Released on Vinyl Monday 11th Feb :)