OffKey Tunetribe label of the week + 2 New Digital EPs

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    Offkey Recordings

    Offkey is a modern fusion of drum n bass and techno, a group of like minded artists working together to unite these groundbreaking forms of music.
    From the melodic to the out and out dancefloor destroying muscle Offkey has covered it since its inception.

    To celebrate the fact that have made us their official Label of the Week

    We have 2 new Digital EP's to offer, we have kept these quiet but from today you can now have the pleasure of owning:


    Raiden - Blue EP

    Minus 12
    Do A Runner
    Cabassa (feat Kalashnikov)


    Cooh - Stomana EP


    Head on over to for official clips of all tracks. And most of all ENJOY!!!!

    Dont forget to check out Raiden & Proket's Vodkabite ep as well as the OffKey back catalouge at Tunetribe.