OFFKEY - THE FIRM LP IS HERE!!! - Vinyl Released 22nd Sept!!


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Sep 6, 2007

Raiden Presents: OffKey - The Firm LP OKLP001
Released 22nd September on Vinyl & double CD release with Bonus tracks with Temper D Firm Mix Released late October




Raiden - The Firm
We expect our leaders to innovate and not follow- Raiden takes the title track for the album and really sets the benchmark. Dark and industrial atmospheres lead into a drum pattern bristling with bass kicks, a bassline that sounds like itâ??ll cut ya for even looking in its direction. Drums that defy normal placement, Ignoring the boundaries between musical genres, 'The Firm' is a perfect example of Raiden & Offkey's intent â?? a fusion of styles that manifest themselves in extremely high production values and a level of experimentation unseen in the majority of drum and bass.

Propaganda - Polonium 210
Propaganda follows on from some of the label's previous releases - 'Caesium 137' and 'Helium' with an element of his own 'Polonium 210', The track brings together techno, drum n bass and hardcore- Underpinned with B-boy drums and bass.The Southampton based producer has been at the heart of Offkey since it's beginnings and has been involved in more releases than anyone else including OK001â?? 'Machine Soul' with Raiden.
Propaganda is really flying at the moment, and this is reflected in his contribution to The Firm. Catch him if you can...

Proket and Limewax - Perevorot
There was only going to be one result when Proket & Limewax began working on this track- mind bending uncompromising filth. The two producers rise above a sea of sound-a-likes and reign thunder with Perevorot.
Moscow's Proket has been sighted as one of the leading talents in Techno Drum and Bass with a string of massive releases including his Apocrypha E.P on Offkey last year. Limewax has had a string of equally huge releases on Freak, Obscene, Bastard Child and Habit.
Perevorot is a huge middle finger up to the convention that holds us back and for that we salute Proket and Limewax!

Audio - Error
A firm supporter of the Offkey sound Audio graces us with his first release, Error is trademark Audio, everything you love him for and more, the track was written by Audio especially for Offkey after being inspired by the crew and the label and Offkey welcomed him with open arms- a talented artist who understands the mission.
The track shows why Audio is another key weapon in the Offkey arsenal,
An artist that is able to strip a track to its bare bones yet still achieve a level of production and impact that most others only dream about.

Current Value and Raiden - RM Bleeps
Absolutely smashing dancefloors across the globe, 'RM Bleeps' sees the labels head honcho join forces with Current Value - a partnership that is set to release many more collaborations in the future. Built from an unreleased loop, it was overhauled and tweaked into a tearing rave anthem. Acid loops dominate while intense, rolling drums merge with screwface bass to create a truly devastating piece of electronic mayhem; one that has been on heavy rotation and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Khanage, Resound and MC Stapleton - Atlas
Inspired by a huge back2back at Pressure, Finland the trio jumped into the studio to recreate the previous nights mayhem and Atlas was born. Atlas is chest Thumping subs, teeth grinding mids, Stapleton's Recognisable hook all wrapped up with Resound and Khanages trademark Production ideas.
Atlas has become somewhat of anthem after being played the Offkey crew and other notable djs. The OK firm are proud to have Resound and Stapleton on board- two talented additions to the family.

The Sect - Evolve
The first release on Offkey since their massive eponymous E.P on the label catapulted them into the spotlight, The Sect return in inimitable style. 'Evolve' has the trademark sound of the UK trio that has seen them grab the attention of major labels across the world. A biblical vocal sample drops into a frenetic, highly polished roller packed with mechanical, sinister atmospheres that display an evolution in their production to a level of musicality that is found throughout the album and that ensures a collection of tracks that are built for DJs and dancefloors.

Current Value - Wulf
Berlin based producer Current Value's first solo release on the label is a slight departure from the recent style of tracks that have seen releases on labels such as Freak and Barcode. We all know what Current Value is known for so it was important for Offkey to showcase the machines other side.
'Wulf' shows a more rolling approach to his production and a versatility that should ensure a wider appreciation of his music.Wulf shows why Current Value isn't not one to be dismissed, his tracks are now being played by a broad range of artists. Proof perhaps of the Offkey infection spreading, prepare to see more artists succumb to the techno sound.

CD Release Extras
Available Late October with Temper D Firm Mix Released

The Sect - Nerve Attack (Propaganda Remix)
Nerve Attack was the pinnacle of the explosive self-titled E.P that showed the world their capabilities.
Propaganda twists the original into his own creation.To explain the remix most simply? Its Nerve Attack on steroids.
Propaganda really has brought something huge to the table, the track has had dancefloors on its knees, screaming for mercy- Nerve Attack remix laughs in the face of big tunes whilst slotting into The Firm project nicely.

Raiden and The Sect - Caesium 137 (Audio Remix)
The second track off The Sect's E.P to be remixed for the album sees Audio take to the controls. Remixes are not an unfamiliar occurrence for Audio and this is the cream of the crop.Caesium 137 remix has been a tune that constantly reappears in live sets. The track has been causing a whole new level of sonic damage. Punishing bass rumbles under the weight of the stomping drums and dirty samples but produced in the typically clean-cut and crystal clear manner.

Cooh - Bongia
Cooh has rapidly confirmed his status amongst the Offkey ranks as a producer with immeasurably ingenuity. Hosting the most recent of the label's legendary podcasts. The Sofia based Producer can reportedly make a track a day and draws from a wide range of influences that include Metal, IDM, Techno and Jazz. 'Bongia' is yet another part of the album that has been getting smashed on dub - a technoid roller that manages to separate itself from the litany of other tracks swamping the sound systems by its quirky character as much as its accomplished production standards. Cooh is sure to see further appearances on the this space.

Propaganda and The Sect - Scud
Rounding off the CD release of 'The Firm', Propaganda and The Sect join forces for the first collaborative release between the two to be unleashed. Another track that's been lurking in the CD folders of any DJs fortunate enough to get hold of it, 'Scud' is a blending of The Sect and Propaganda's mechanical, heavy, rolling sound that has been so well exhibited on 'The Firm'. Featuring Ratchet's [Raiden] infamous sound AKA the 'creaky door' programming, it revolves around a metallic snare and dark reese bass that lurk over the techy, two-step break. A fitting end to a monumental album.

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