Offkey Recordings Show - TONIGHT!!!! - Sunday 9pm-11pm


Well after the complete fuck up of Thursday and Winamp/Shoutcast seriously fucking me around, I eventually decided to format the living hell out of my PC.

And would you believe it... IT WORKS NOW!!!!

So therefore I am paying you all back with my show going out tonight from 9pm - 11pm (THATS TONIGHT SUNDAY!!!!)

Expect some of the best tunes out on Offkey and to be released in the future by Offkey.. plus a few select Techno tracks and tracks from all Offkey artists on other labels. This is a show not to be missed..

Masses of exclusives from people like Propaganda (my god what an exclusive), Prode and Temper D. Plus the latest from The Sect, Lethal & Khanage, The Panacea and the man himself Raiden.

All with me talking utter shite as I will probably be pissed off Stella (about to hit the pub!!!)

So please lock on and I promise it WILL go ahead this time!!!

TONIGHT 9pm - 11pm over on ICHI Radio.

Listening and chat details below:

Winamp -
Real -