Offkey Recordings Show 25/01/07 - 21:00-23:00 Gmt


Well its come around to that time again. Tonight we will be playing ONLY Offkey Artists tracks, new and old.

Plus we will hopefully be hammering out an hours worth of the man like RAIDEN's tunes. So for the first hour we will play ALL Raiden tunes, then for the 2nd hour we will play all tunes that have been released, or are future releases from every Offkey Artist. This is something we have wanted to do for a while, so expect to hear alot from the future release schedule, plus older tunes.

If anything else gets sent our way before the show, we then may have some MORE exclusives for you but we cannot promise you anything. ICHI is full of man flu so dont expect the usual jolly banter but he may get drunk just for a laugh... RED WINE TIME!!!

Hope you can listen in tonight!!! All the listening and chat details are at the below link: