To round up 2007 we bring you the 4th Offkey Podcast by our very own boy wonder: Proket.

Proket's production style is a truly original take on drum and bass, and his status is growing steadily.
The idea behind this mix was to bring together the best that 2007 had to offer in terms of the techno
dnb sound while remembering some of the classic tracks that influenced today's pioneers as well as
a taste of whats to come in the coming year.

Tracks such as Offkey's first release 'Machinesoul' by Raiden and Propaganda, sit alongside the
timeless classic 'Messiah' by Konflict. The work of artists such as Kemal and Rob Data and Stakka
and Skynet have had such a noticeable influence on the Offkey sound that it felt right to include some
of their tracks on this podcast.

2007 has been an important year for the Offkey sound, building on the
original concept of Raiden, Propaganda with new ideas from Lethal and Khanage, storming EP's that
announced the true arrival of The Sect and Proket and a slightly melodic take on the sound from
Temper D. 2008 is now a time to think ahead to what is planned, and this podcast gives you a sneak
peak at what's to come. Very exciting ideas have been thrown around by Techno legend Dean Rodell,
and The Dying Punks project with Raiden is sure to blow the mediocre into oblivion. We can look
forward to Raiden's long awaited Chernobyl LP, where we will no doubt hear his true artistic vision
come to the fold without the limitations of the dancefloor. The multi artist Offkey Firm LP is on its way,
and although most of the tracks are being kept locked away until release, its only because we want
it to be the real genre defining album it deserves to be, and judging from what has been decided on so
far, this is going to be worth the wait.

One thing is for sure, Offkey Recordings has landed, is gathering momentum, and is here to stay.
So get ready for the Russian prodigy to represent with the fourth Offkey podcast.

art by ricochet and dxma

1. proket and limewax - perevorot
2. cooh - bongia 2007
3. limewax - he will find us (spl remix)
4. pylon and soccom - depot
5. cooh - drome
6. tomkin - matador (proket remix)
7. pyro, kantyze, proket - antharas
8. split concept - section 63
9. kemal and rob data - gene sequence
10. propaganda - visionary
11. tetradin - amgod
12. spl - distance
13. audio - destroyed (the sect remix)
14. stakka & skynet, konflict - biosfear (skynet and kemal remix)
15. kemal and rob data - messiah
16. kraken - side effects
17. propaganda - vortex
18. proket - show me
19. raiden and propaganda - machine soul
20. limewax - uncomes
21. denix - the place
22. audio - exposed
23. kantyze - mana
24. raiden - helium
25. the sect - expansion (proket remix)
26. raiden - baptism of life
27. voja - mamba project (feat. implex)
28. sinthetix - gateway
29. cell d & m tech - position
30. spl - roughneck
31. raiden and dean rodell - we love your robots
32. raiden and proket - skafandr
33. kalashnikov - antonio machine
34. proket - guta
35. dylan - crimson
36. the sect - annihilation
37. dk8 - murder was the bass (raiden remix)
38. asphexia - shifted impact
39. temper d - minimal blink


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