official survival appreciation thread


double safety
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Mar 15, 2007
raglan, nz
if this guy was any better he'd be god* lovin his style right now. it's what dnb is naturally progressing towards for me. edgey type liquid numbers that build my sets and roll nicely in the mix. he's done some great work with break and zero tolerance, two guys i know get a lot of love on here so it's about time survival did too.

peep these
especially check the b-side on this one

and that's just for starters


Not the Preacher Man
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May 21, 2007
i thought i wasn't guna have any of those tunes, but i've got all apart from one. kept on meaning to check out shadow but never got round to it. definatly a big tune. osiris put out some wicked stuff as it goes, feelin them for sure.

also, the begining is BIG. started dropping that a lot more lately.

sabre - riverside (zero t remix) into survival - the begining = MASSIVE

all about the jam too (think the tracks are uploaded wrongly though, so it is infact all aboit ion 2 as it would appear on here. both tracks still kill it though)


Laughter in the Slaughter
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Apr 21, 2003
Calgary, AB Canada
Yep you hit it m8.

This guy is boss right now, i own about 90% of his releases to date he is really pushing his style into DnB.

I love how his tunes seem kinda minimal and boring when you listen to them on their own, but in the mix they really come alive, better than most producers out there.
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