Multi Genre Official Dnbforum/Detached Audio Remix Compo NYE 2015

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Ok, people! With the blessings of our most beloved mod/admin @logikz and Detached Audio CEO @ManuForti, we are glad to announce the joint venture remix competition for this end of year!

For this special event, we're going to pick up one song from the latest release of DA's long time artist Trônes de l'Obscurité, called "Pale like the Moon", from his album "Still in the Embrace", released in October, 2015.

Here are the rules:


Start: 16th of December, 2015
Deadline: 16th of February, 2016
Judging: from 17th to 24th of February, 2016
Winner, runner-up and third place announcement: 25th of February, 2016

So you all have exactly 62 days to come up with the best remixes you can do! Judging will be made by selected members of dnbforum and Detached Audio.

Genres accepted:

Any genre, but we strongly recommend for you to be as much experimental as you could be, just be creative!

Music info:

Name: "Pale like the Moon", by Trônes de l'Obscurité
Genre: Downtempo Ambient
Lenght: 04:47
BPM: 112bpm
Key: D minor


1st place: USD 100,00 (transfer through paypal), your remix as part of a March, 2016, Remix EP release, a contract for one release of yours through Detached Audio

2nd place: USD 50,00 (transfer through paypal), your remix as part of a March, 2016, Remix EP release

3rd place: your remix as part of a March, 2016, Remix EP release

EDIT: Winners get a contract for the Remix EP release, so everyone gets a share on the sales.

Stems, submission and legal:

Stems can be downloaded at Detached Audio soundcloud,
Once the tracks are finished and the deadline expired, we'll upload them to our dnbforum soundcloud group so everyone can listen and cast their votes.

You are free to use any sounds you want for your remix, since they aren't copyrighted and since at least one sound from the original song is used. Remixes can be uploaded to soundcloud once the competition is over, without downloads enabled. All stems provided are solely for the purpose of this contest, and must not be used for any other purpose unless permission is given to do so.

We are looking forward to see what you guys can create with them! I'm sure this will be a good challenge for you talented bass heads!

@logikz, tag everyone you think that would be interested in this, please! Also, see who you can bring up to judge the finalists.
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aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeah!! to sticky or not to sticky, that is the question.

BUT CASH PRIZES DOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You better be, Ivan (russian name). And no "oh my track is shitty I don't want it in the finalists Boo-hoo" this time, ok?

Yea good point, NOBODY vote for Liz Dirk Digler Jose Rodgiez Antonio You Killed My Father Prepare To Die Juan's Track!

Super stoked about this too Liz! Thanks Detached Audio!


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Nice one, Xiris! Our little collab can wait so you can focus on this one, mate!
hopefully we're done that collab by the end of February though :teeth: lol. I'll grab the stems for this compo this weekend, mad busy until then. Also IV4 did mention something I should've too, which is a thanks to ManuForti for offering up these sweet prizes & opportunities & to you Lizardo for offering up a track to play with (y)(y) thanks gents! let the games begin.


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Alright, take a shot at this one too! Big up for the sick prizes!

If I'm taking too long, just give me a shout, I'm quite busy and I might forget about this :')