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Jun 25, 2010
After much hard work and planning, we are proud to offer you our latest tutorial video from none other than the amazing duo that is Octane & DLR.....

With an incredible album about to drop, and an epic back catalogue behind them, now has never been a better time to learn from these talented producers. They have released tracks for Renegade Hardware, Critical, Dispatch, Ram and Sonorous - Developing a sound which is unique, cutting edge and mixed to perfection.

In this video tutorial they go over their recent track 'Transition' and talk about the ethos behind the tune as well as how it was put together. They then go on to talk about many other areas of production and how they approach making music in general. Also included is an exclusive Octane & DLR sample pack which has some twisted bass sounds for you to resample and use in your own tracks. You will also find a special bass tutorial folder which contains the bass stems to 'Back In the Grind'. This means you can lay these out in your sequencer at home and see how the track was built for yourself.

As if this is not enough....there is also a special production Q&A with Chris Octane where he answers some in depth questions about production, as prepared by students of the last seminar.

If you like taking videos out with you on your smart phone, you will be pleased to know there is a smart phone version of this tutorial video included too! This is a smaller resolution and is rendered to 400MB. As always, the main version of the video is full quality HD. All this is made available to you for just £3.69.

To check out the preview video & grab yourself a copy, head to:




Digitallabz UK

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Jun 25, 2010
hmmm. costs and music whilst they talk. not a good look :/

Ez, the music under them talking is just for the promo video :) Also it's a product that we have spent a long time working on, so we charge for it. However for £3.69 you get a full video talk, + Samples from Octane & DLR... it's a great deal! DL Music


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Sep 3, 2008
Bought this earlier this week, havent had a chance of seeing it but looks real good!

Also, 4 quid isnt that much :)
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