Oblivion Vs Jasbof 17/04/09 Liverpool


Apr 21, 2008


Oblivion Vs Jasbof - The Coalition Part 2!

Oblivion Vs Jasbof, the coalition part 2!! It's long overdue, 3 years in fact since we last hooked up for a night of electronic mayhem.. So to mark yet another milestone in the life of Frankie Venom, what better way to celebrate than a noise off at Bar Fresa in Liverpool!

Frankie Venom’s surprise birthday present, and what a killer this should be! Two of the UK's well respected Hardcore/Breakcore/Electronica nights come
head to head for a clash of hardcore beats and killer sounds. The event will be powered by Liverpool’s famous and exteremely loud Dangerclaart Soundsystem.
This is not to be missed!

We have the Dj Producer headlining, Jasbof and Oblivion residents plus on special day release from the darkest depths of Staffordshire for one night only, The 2 Pints boys..... This is one night you do not want to miss!

Line Up 100% Confirmed:

The Dj Producer
No introductions needed for one of he very best in the business! Will be given free icense to play whatever he likes!

Mechanoid Live (Oblivion)
Exclusive first appearence of this Live vs Dj act. Expect smashed up beats, reaks and dirty kicks!

Enigma b2b Venom (Oblivion vs Jasbof)
Oblivion and Jasbof. The Oblivion Resident Vs The Birthday boy.. Head to head, no holds barred!

Furness (Jasbof)
Jasbof's very own, who knows what he'll throw on and play.. Expect the unexpected!

Sawyer b2b Ben The Drunkard Two Pints of Tekno & Ya BFH)
The Midlands very own Two Pints Crew! Weve brought them up North to see how much trouble they can cause!

Meatsweeper b2b Hardcore Chief Jasbof)
Liverpool legend the Chief and Jasbof’s resident go head to head again!
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