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Yet another promo mix done by myself, this time for Rustek Sounds which is a local dnb night I play at.

This ones abit more dancefloor orientated than my usual output, with a mix of different drum & bass 'styles' throw in, meant to showcase the type of stuff I play when I play out.


01. N4M3 & Kije - Stay The Same [Free]
02. Seba - Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [Warm Communications]
03. Detail & Tiiu - Days Go By [Symmetry]
04. ARP XP - Winter in Sardinia (Calibre Remix) [Sun & Bass]
05. Reza & ARP XP - When You Gone [Metalheadz]
06. LSB - This City (12" Version) [Spearhead]
07. Enei - Stonehead [Critical]
08. EBK - Strength [Dispatch]
09. Bredren & Tom Small - Sixth Sense [Dispatch]
10. Gremlinz, Untouchables & Rumbleton - Apache [Samurai]
11. Homemade Weapons - Saibot [Break Fast Audio]
12. Mako - Hungry For Lies [Horizons]
13. Anile - View Catcher [Absys]
14. Zyon Base - City Of the Red Night [Fokuz]
15. Calibre - Close To Me [Signature]
16. Om Unit - Jus Sayin' (ft. Gone the Hero) [Civil]

I've also done a recent mix for the guys a Keep it Moving, Brighton Here, which is a house and techno night.

As per, comments, follows, faves, downloads all that jazz muchos appreciated.


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started this yesterday but had to stop going in now.

Stay The Same/ Never Let You Go ....... BIG! nice start to what looks like an amazing TL. Then Days go By .... tha was ill mang.
Winters In Sardinia love this trak but i dont know why it's so low. Mine is the same way and i have to adjust the levels for it.
When You Gone came in kind of weird.... not sure if it was EQ'ing thing. I dont own this trak. All tho i should.
Rolling with the This City Mix really liked how you did that one.
Stonehead/Strength another BIG mix right there traks work really well together. keeps rollin right along with Sixth Sense.
I liked the way it rolled into Apache... waiting on Saibot now..... damn that was dope. Might be my favorite mix so far.
Damn good mix with Hungry For Lies as well.... this is the way I like to mix out of traks. Just sounds so fresh when the next trak comes in.
Bringing it back down with View Catcher inerested to see where you go from here. City of the Red Night well played sir.
Red Night/Close to me is the only mix where something doesnt fel right to me.... maybe it's because of how good some of the other mixes have been that when i just hear a good mix im kind of let down ha ha. Also I dont know if your using Traktor or a SYNC Button but my friend uses Traktor and sometimes when he hits the SYNC it jumps the trak ahead by just a little bit so the traks don't break exactly where they should but once again i don't own either one of these traks so I'm not sure if it's just the way they are structured or not. Last mix Hold tight!
Beautiful mix into Jus Sayin love it and it's a perfect way to end it.

So there ya go now turn that frown upside down. You just got 2 more comments then i ever have on here ha ha.

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all the comments for my mixes look like this



And then the thread ends ha ha