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    Konkrete Jungle is the longest running Jungle and Drum&Bass night on the planet. Nearly everyone who is anyone in New York City got their start here, and without it Jungle and Drum & Bass would eventually cease to exist in this city. From it's humble beginnings in a little bar on Chrystie Street in the Lower East Side of New York City to hosting events in some of the hottest clubs in the city and the nation,
    Konkrete Jungle has been the proving grounds for Junglists of every discipline.
    It all began in late 1994. With rave staples such as N.A.S.A. tweaking peoples' interest in electronic dance music and a tune by Smith and Mighty. Kathe knew A Guy Called Gerald. Helen Doyle helped create the scene through her diligent work and public relations. E.G. "Mac" MacFarlane felt a need to cater to those interested in a burgeoning sound that was to be known by us today as Jungle, Drum and Bass. As his time with the legendary Giant Step's acid jazz massives began to wind down, Cassien of Legend approached him with the idea to start up a weekly event strictly dedicated to Jungle music. It was a daunting task, to say the least, considering the fact that Jungle was perhaps the least popular form of electronic dance music in the City. Throwing caution into the wind, Konkrete Jungle was born on November 10, 1994 in Club 205, with original residents Cassien of Legend,
    Delmar, Panik, Darkstar, and Dara.

    As the movement gained steam, Konkrete Jungle would become synonymous with what a New York City Jungle massive is - legendary performances in spaces such as the Bank and the world famous (though now defunct) TWILO, out-of-state collaborations with local promoters, and multiple generations of DJ's, crews, promoters and dancers coming up through the ranks. Over 15 years later, Konkrete Jungle is a global movement with affiliated chapters sprouting up throughout the states and abroad. Konkrete Jungle OG continues to evolve along with the shape of the culture, embracing the roots and many branches of breakbeat and underground foundations.

    On any given night of the week, Konkrete Jungle is pushing the sound forward around the world.
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