Event [NYC | 2.16] Subverse-NYC launch Feat. DEMON (M.U.D) free!

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    SUBVERSE-NYC Launch Party
    - FREE ADMISSION - 21+w/ID
    25 Bogart St (Right next to the Morgan L Stop)

    Demon (M.U.D.) [UK]
    SGNL (Rubik, Absys, Deep Foc.us, 88DC, Rotation Deep) [DC]
    I.N.I (Subverse-NYC / Dnbnation) [TORONTO/BROOKLYN]
    Max Mischief (Subverse-NYC) [NYC]

    Hosted by special guest Diggadee MC
    (Darkroom/ Profound Audio / Methods NYC)

    Deep Dubstep & Drum n Bass vibes.


    Demon (M.U.D.) [UK]

    Producer, DJ, and Macabre Unit Digital label manager, Demon is a force to be reckoned with in the deep and heavy side of the dubstep scene. The label was founded in October 2011, and boasts one of the most impressive lineups at the minute including Biome, Perverse, DCult, Catacombs, NDread, Versa, Occult, Rowl, Anex, and Pheral. Macabre Unit are some of the pioneers of the grime and dubstep scene and have been lurking in its underbelly for a good decade.


    SGNL (Rubik, Absys, Deep Foc.us, 88DC, Rotation Deep) [DC]

    Bryan Johns, also known as SGNL, launched his career with the formation of the Drum & Bass neurofunk trio, the Robot Death Squad, collecting a slew of releases spanning across such renowned international labels as Covert Operations, Flatline Audio, Barcode Recordings, and the legendary Moving Shadow just to name a few.

    SGNL’s solo career is marked by a handful of singles that convey his brand of deep, future bass music with a cutting edge perspective. Look for his music on such music labels as Rubik Records, Noisy Meditation, Absys, UnitOvOne and most recently, Rotation Deep.

    Aside from being a technical, forward thinking producer, SGNL has been an experienced Drum & Bass/Dubstep DJ for over 10 years. His DJ sets are a progression of deep beats and dancefloor hammers that tell a story as well as move the floor.

    SGNL’s experiences within the music industry has contributed to the concept and execution of the Deep Foc.us project (http://deepfoc.us/), a curation site of deep electronic music mixes from the world’s best DJs and producers.


    I.N.I (Subverse-NYC / Dnbnation) [TORONTO/BROOKLYN]


    Max Mischief (Subverse-NYC) [NYC]

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