NVR010 ► Rafau Etamski - Oh You / Miss You [Liquid DnB: OUT NOW!] ◄


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► NVR010: Rafau Etamski - Oh You / Miss You [OUT NOW!] ◄
● 2 track Liquid Drum & Bass Release OUT NOW! ●

NVR010: Rafau Etamski - Oh You / Miss You, is OUT NOW and available to purchase from all good download stores, including; Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, TrackItDown, Juno, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify & more.

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[Bandcamp] bit.ly/1Hw7S2V (*£1.45*)
[Beatport] btprt.dj/1H3zU4o (*£2.60*)
[iTunes] apple.co/1HyC9Aa (*1.98*)
[Juno] bit.ly/1R5YKs2 (*£1.91*)
[TrackitDown] bit.ly/1gTfxr3 (*£2.24*)

► (A) Rafau Etamski - Oh You:

► (B) Rafau Etamski - Miss You:

For NVR010 Nu Venture Records present the return of emerging talent Rafau Etamski, having just released his remix of Freestylers & Pendulum's - Painkiller, as an NVR Free download. He returns with his impressive original, 2 track Liquid Drum and Bass release, entitled Oh You / Miss You. Composed in close conjunction with one another both these tracks share Rafau's individual inventive style, although they both introduce their own unique contrasting qualities, with the melodic dance floor tones of Oh You and the euphoric uplifting vibes of Miss You, all blending together to complete this outstanding release.

► NVR010 Track Listing:
A) Rafau Etamski - Oh You [4:47]
B) Rafau Etamski - Miss You [5:28]

► (A) Rafau Etamski - Oh You:
Oh You is a Liquid Drum & Bass track produced with the intention of inducing feel good emotions. Through the addition of Rafau's preferred instrument of choice, the piano, he accomplishes a sense of tranquillity from the intro to the drop with the use of smooth piano keys and an alluring female vocal sample. The second drop however features contrasting high tempo, rave inspiring piano chords, a guaranteed way to increase the energy and get any dance floor moving!

► (B) Rafau Etamski - Miss You:
Miss You is a energetic and uplifting, Liquid Drum & Bass track, evoking strong feelings of happiness and nostalgia. Rafau achieves this through his use of euphoric pads, a distinctive recurring female vocal sample and his trademark atmospheric piano keys. Released at the beginning of July Miss You is sure to bring warmth to any summer party.

► Rafau Etamski Biography:
Rafau Etamski is an accomplished 30 year old musician and producer from Bydgoszcz, Poland. He started his musical journey 10 years ago producing hip hop instrumentals. Gradually through increasing the tempo of this genre, he became to familiarise himself with Drum & Bass too the point where 175bpm has taken over. Creating a great passion for DnB and all its sub-genres, from the darker sounds of neuro to his preferred sound of choice, liquid. With influences coming from his love of hip hop, jazz and funk, he tries to incorporate these elements and the inclusion of all live instruments, into his productions today.

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