Seriously feelin that bassline bro! HEAVY!!!

Drum beat has a real nice feel to it with that extended snare..

One thing i can fault is that in the intro when the drum beat cuts out it seems really sharp if you see what im saying?

But all in all, its a banger!!!
I was thinking the same. It's good mate, basically the same thing played twice yeah? The kick wasn't coming through crisp on my end, could be my gear but... Liked the drop. Personal preference is some variation or progression on the second but that's just me.
love the drums on this man, proper crisp and rolling, banging!

i like the bassline, but try a bit more variation i reckon, becasuse your basslines in your tunes are sounding similar (not that i can talk as i have like 3 main bass noises i use lol). n im not dissing ur bass btw, becuaes it does work!

keep it up n i rekon you'l be signed soon son.
wicked stuff man
rli feelin this as u alreay kno
watch for ur dubs on tuesday!

this stuff would definatly have a place in my line up
regardless signed or unsigned!

big up!!!!!!!!!!
tis ok... not smash the place up tho.... like it tho (y)

dun like that swooshing noise either.. shud change it so its an evil metal industrial kinda noise :D
had a listen to your tunes and friday the 13th is the one i rate. pretty similar to bodies and its got that hook "friday the 13th!". the little amen break fill is sick too. good stuff.
sorry bro, this is too old for me to want to promote lol! wasn't a great track anyway..
might be knockin about somewhere on the net though
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