"Nutek - Annihilation" coming on dreadnought digital..


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Apr 2, 2008
easy all, got a new track up on the myspace "Annihilation", it's getting released on dreadnought digi with "The Terror" as the a or b side. feedback appreciated :) this is the first track where i used no breaks at all, all the percussion is mine (well chuffed with how the drums turned out)


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Never really listened to any of ure tunes b4 mate, not bad at all, wen is alabama hot pot cuming out, thats big
Do people really buy this stuff ?

I have a very open mind to music.

sorry if i offend anyone.. but this is ridiculous.

ha.. if you had a "very" open mind (which i doubt many have to music as it is a very picky subject) then surely you would appreciate most styles

and also, on this forum "feedback" tends to mean constructive criticism
shocked? where the hell have you been for those so called 10 years? in a closet with some old jungle plates?
well how come you haven't given any constructive criticism then? i haven't checked your page and i don't care how your tracks sound but you are clearly a shit producer if you can't respect other peoples music

if i come accross a track on here i don't like i will still comment on it without being rude or obnoxious
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