Numark Virtual Vinyl for sale !!!!!!


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Alrite Geezers,

Im selling my Numark Virtual Vinyl setup as need money for Uni.

I bought it from Sapphires in Kilburn ( about 4-5 months ago and still got everything with it.

Box includes 2x Time Coded Vinyls, 2x Time coded CD's, Software (with licence key which included free software updates for life)
Numark USB interface with phono cables and all instructions.

The vinyls have only been used on one side so the other sides are perfect and the sides I have used are still playing fine no problems.

Have used it on both Mac and PC, to be honest they run much better on a Windows based PC/ Laptop, have noticed bugs with MAC's but it could just be my mac is not the best.

I wont go into how this software works as im guessing you will all be familiar with it anyway but if you want to know anything just send me your questions.

I bought it knew from Sapphires for £250 quid so looking for £200 for the lot including delivery, also going to put it on Ebay and Gumtree later on but thought I would give you lot first refusal on it.

let me know if your interested, 07731927096