Numark TTX1's, Vestex Mixer & 100 Vinyls for £500 from a mate, sound fair?


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Aug 3, 2009
The Numarks have just been serviced and in pretty mint condition. Mixers ok, a bit fucked but works.

£500 sound like a fair price?
Tbh i got myself 2 1210's on ebay for like £400 posted. You can get a nice little 2 chan mixer for sub £100 quid. And just get a cheap dvs like iscratch mixlive for £40.

Then you can buy vinyl as and when you can afford it whilst playing digital with the dvs in the meantime.

Its a lot easier to add to an already decent setup than upgrade from sub standard gear. (not saying that gear you mentioned was sub standard, but you know what i mean).

Check this out for example:
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I've always been under the impression TTX1's & 1210s are fairly on par with each other. At least that's what I've gathered from all the reviews & comparisions i've been reading.
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