Numark DM3002x or Vestax PMC-03A?


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I need some of your wise knowledge again! WHich mixer if you had to would you choose from the above. I know the numarks got more features etc. But everyone says that the vestax 2 channel mixers are great sound and build quality. Which one would you lot go for. Its just for home mixing nout special. Cheers!

Greg P

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The Vestax...

It'll last you a lifetime...

The Numark might have more features, but the build quality and components used doesn't compare at all to the Vestax...

You get the Numark and you'll be buying another in 2 years, you buy the Vestax you'll never need to replace it. The one I have is at least 8 years old, and was previously owned by a scratch DJ and there's not a thing wrong with it...

Save yourself a packet and get the Vestax straight off, otherwise you'll be here again soon wondering what the next mixer you're gonna buy will be, wishing you'd listened to me in the first place...

I challenge anyone here to truthfully say that they've been using a Numark mixer for the best part of a decade!