Nucleoid + T&Sugah - Jumbasstep


Storms comin in Annie
VIP Junglist
WOW this is something different!
I would scrap that bass sound that comes in at 59 secs, you wanna keep people waiting til the drop before the bass hits in other wise you lose momentum in this song.
I like the use of silence on the drop- very nice touch.
I would focus on making the beats better however, they don't punch through as much as they could!!!
Also the main bass you have sounds pretty nice but I don't think it's completely there yet- needs a bit of cleaning up, sounds a tad mud.
And that scratchy noise at 2.14 has just gotta go, either try it again with a different scratch sample or just leave it out!

This is all just my personal opinion of what I would do to improve it- you don't have to take my advice!!!
Overall, though, I like the track alot- really nice creative ideas in there!