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Apr 18, 2008
jus listened to both the new tracks.really like the sample in oompa wompa but the second bit where it says doo pa de de seems slightly out of time.

one thing that i really do like is the fx changes that keep dropping in every other, i think 32 beats or summat both songs. av noticed you've used em before in a song but they work real well and at the minute its what i need injecting into mine cos theyre becoming a bit flat.

yeah and the soft clipper thing is bullshit everyone slates it but a sound engineer at leeds uni told me to apply it to the master after u've completely finished the song and eq'd everything down cos it will clean it up that little extra bit but if you then send it to be mastered you should take it off so i'd save two copies of a track that you are sending to be mastered. As for whacking it on loadsa stuff yeah your barking up the wrong tree.
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