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Sep 17, 2008
Hey People.

Just to let you know there's a new mix on the site from SOLUTIONSOUND.
It features tracks from the new Marcus Intelex EP, the mighty Calibre, Electrosoul System and upcoming producers Spectrasoul.
Some top tunes going on here so check it out and as usual its free to download, so you can listen at your own leisure!

We will have a couple of new mixes online in the next couple of weeks so check us out when you get the chance,

We have had a few problems with our newsletter subscription, if you could resend your email if you've done so recently as we might not have received it first time round.

Also the first 50 email address we receive from now will be sent a CD packed with Drum'nBass mixes that have featured on the site in the past. Covering the whole spectrum of the D'n'B scene and superbly mixed, this is too good to miss!


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