NSGNL002 Misanthrop - Black Rain - out now!


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Aug 28, 2008
We are stoked again to officially announce the promo release of our labels second 12 inch single.

Catalogue No.: NSGNL002 - Misanthrop - Black Rain / Moon Clouds

Promos will be in shops by today (26th January 2009) and full release will be available mid February!

Audio can be found at:
http://neosignal.de or http://myspace.com/neosignalaudio


Check your local record dealer or get the promo online at:




Following up on the critical acclaim surrounding the first release on Neosignal, Misanthrop steps up with two serious helpings of “what you need right now” stew. “Black Rain” delivers that ominous funk that brings a dancefloor to its knees. Tracks like this should come stamped with “no nonsense”, because that’s the attitude it carries once it drops. Tight drums matched with hypnotic synth stabs and a guttural bassline does it everytime. With “Moon Clouds”, Misanthrop does a 180 in terms of aggression, bringing out the minimal guns, eeking out the same awe-inspiring Drum & Bass flavor that “Black Rain” did in a completely new set of threads. With esteemed colleagues like Ed Rush, Noisia and Mayhem championing this release early, you should do yourself a favor and dig in to the new sound, the Neosignal, and chart the course that DnB is being steered into by Misanthrop and Phace. (Words by khal)

Neosignal 001 (Phace – Cold Champagne / Astral Projection) is still available on 12 inch vinyl and mp3 at all major record shops and on mp3 sites like beatport.

Neosignal`s next release (NSGNL003) will be a collaboration single from the Neosignal masterminds, and the lekker dutch all-rounders Noisia!

A.Phace & Misanthrop - Mammoth
B.Phace & Noisia - Sore Point

Give it a listen at http://www.neosignal.de/Releases.html

Feel free to stop by on our homebase, add us as a friend or give us a shout -

You´ll also be able to buy Neosignal-Merchandise (top quality American Apparel shirts) from our webshop,we will announce this in an extra post very soon when everything is lined up properly.

You can book Phace and Misanthrop by contacting Robyn @ Anger Managment or Tom @ GrassRootsArtistManagement.

Cheers again for the support! Respect.
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