[NSF] - Represent Our Existence EP [Break-Fast Audio 008] // OUT NOW!



BFAD008 // [NSF] - Represent Our Existence EP

A: [NSF] Sativa - Shadow In The Dark

B: [NSF] Sativa & Destroy2k - Doggone

C: [NSF] Sativa - The Serengeti Stroke

D: [NSF] Sativa, Destroy2k & Sickhead - Save Our Souls

Release date: 29.01.2009

Straight from Germany's drum&bass mainland metropolis Mannheim, [NSF] aka Neurotic Sound Foundation (www.nsf-music.de) kicks in the proverbial door with this loaded release on Break-Fast Audio, number 8.

BFAD008A: [NSF] Sativa - Shadow In The Dark

On the double A side, Shadow in the Dark brings a static breakbeat sensation to life with enough vibrating sine bass to even make a Shalin Monk instantly release his bowels. Slowly building with sneaky soundscapes, this track lies idle waiting for you in obscurity like a trip waiting to happen.

BFAD008B: [NSF] Sativa & Destroy2k - Doggone

What a contrast with 2nd A-side Doggone, that makes up the not-so-subtle reference to a famous breakbeat with heavily resonating hihats and smooth filter action that builds up to a smashing retrofunk breakbeat spectacular full of schizophrenic drumrolls and crashing cymbals.

BFAD008C: [NSF] Sativa - The Serengeti Stroke

On the double flipside the prolific trio delivers a musical representation of what the Masai have long termed "endless beats". Serengeti Stroke sounds like the sleepless nights many a wandering traveler to the motherland must have had after suffering his umpteenth nervous breakdown from prolonged malarial fever.

BFAD008D: [NSF] Sativa, Destroy2k & Sickhead - Save Our Souls

Last stop is utterly insane Save Our Souls. This track features schizophrenic breaks, rolls, even the bass slides almost arhythmically under a soundscape of deep jungle exploratoration.

Remember to represent your existence!


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