NRFTW the UK's only night dedicated to live dnb bands

NRFTW feat Blackout, Step 13 and Miloopa
Tuesday 21st November
Cargo, 83 Rivington St, Shoreditch, EC2
Admission £5with flyer £6 without

Blackout (feat Lennie Laws ex Breakbeat Era)
Miloopa (Poland)

Shiver me timbers ! Batten down the Hatches! Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum!

No Rest For the Wicked ‘The Uk’s only night dedicated to live Drum and Bass and Breakbeat bands’ returns once again with another line up to shake the foundations. This month we have 3 bands for your listening pleasure: The west countries finest dnb nutters, Blackout, resident stalwarts Step 13 and fresh out of Poland, Miloopa.


Blackout are a live Drum'n'Bass outfit from Bristol, UK. They formed as a one off for a free party in 2001 and have rocked clubs, festivals and parties nation wide, delivering an electric set every time. With live drums, samples, heavy bass lines, feverish Guitar, Sax, a Dj, Male vocals from Mc Conshus and Female vocals from former breakbeat era vocalist Lennie Laws, a variety of eclectic styles and influences seep through to create the sound they are now renowned for. Blackout have been described as one of the UK's leading live DnB acts pushing the boundaries of Drum and Bass and playing alongside dnb heavyweights such as Mampy Swift, Bryan Gee, More Rockers, Kosheen, Kenny Ken, Shy Fx, Clipz, and Bentley Rhythm Ace as well as opening the dance stage at last years Glastonbury festival. These guys are explosive ! certainly one’s to watch for the future.
“When it comes to live Drum'n'Bass, Blackout are up there with the best of them! Their reputation for excellent shows and an 100% original sound has earned them a loyal fan-base and a rapidly filling diary.” -


Dubbed “The White Stripes Of Live Drum and Bass” this band is no ordinary act. Getting the crowd in a hyped up frenzy they seamlessly mix their set featuring the full range of sounds from liquid to jump-up with snare cracking beats, rip raw bass and vocals to rattle anyone’s brain.


NRFTW are happy to welcome Polish live dnb act Miloopa as a part of their European tour.
Miloopa was founded in 2001 in Wroclaw/Poland. From its very beginning, the band was into club-jazz music scene, mixing various genres. Influenced by electronic and synthetic textures of dj-cultrure, Miloopa kept the shape of a totally live band and developed it’s sound towards a unique live and electronic mix. Whether it’s a d’n’b, jungle, downtempo or nu-jazz beat, Natalie’s lines gives it always a soulful drive. Miloopa doesn’t put a limit on the creativity – this can be heard on the debut album Nutrition Facts (Gig Ant - The CD includes track Cosmic Step with guest vocals by mc Blu Rum 13, known for his collaboration with Dj Vadim, Kid Koala, Luke Vibert and many oth Miloopa’s real force is their live performance. It’s a highly energetic audio-visual show, accompanied by live-mixed visuals and a real-time audio-mix.
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