Noz - February 15 Mix


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After being in Australia for over a year with nothing to mix on I finally have a laptop and midi controller so I celebrated by recording this. A selection of the tracks I'm feeling the most at the moment. I missed a couple of doubles but for the most part I'm really happy with it, especially considering I haven't mixed properly for so long! Enjoy.


Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)
>>>Emperor - Musicbox
D*Minds - Blacker VIP
Frankee - Drop It Low
Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Jack Nicholson
Beta 2 & Zero T - Election
Karen Harding - Say Something (S.P.Y Remix)
Basher - Trojan
Noisia - Dust Up
QO - Killcode (Mindscape Remix)
Basher & Frankee - Weep
QO - Atari X
Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Moonbox
Frankee - Snarl
Qo - Evil Dead
Mefjus - Saturate
Fourward - Exile
>>>Johnny L - Back to Your Roots (Friction & K Tee Remix)
A.M.C - Hooked (feat. MC Phantom)
Dub Phizix & Strategy - Buffalo Charge
Mob Tactics - Watch The Beat
I Am Legion - Make Those Moves (Teddy Killerz Remix)
Audio - Nil By Mouth
Ulterior Motive - Inta-National
DRS - Puppeteer (Feat. Jubei)
Ed Rush - Scarabs
Mob Tactics - Gasp For Breath
Stealth - Homage
Ben - Spectrasoul
Ben Kama - Silence Is Golden
Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (Lenzman Remix)