Nov 17th Is Ladies Nite! Dj Storm & Many More!

Can our resident DJ Kane handle the female pressure at November's Essence of Chi session ???
Joing him we have d&b's first lady in the house DJ STORM headlining in Plan B on November 17th and we can't wait for this! Alongside we have some of the finest female drum n bass dj's in the scene selecting in tru Essence of Chi style...Skunkrock record's Alley Cat will be making her long overdue EOC debut,Syras from one of London's most renowned stations Ruud Awakening FM, Cue T & Bandwydth from Future Thinkin who've been causing quite a stir down at Traffic this year and of course our very own resident Miss T1 .
MC's hostin the party will be of course resident MC LowQui ,EOC favourites Ken Mac and Five Alive aswell as Plan B newcomer MC K- EYE who'll be teaming up with Syras for an "Essence of Ruud" special.
What else can we say but DONT MISS IT!!!!