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    "KARMA" is back in Nottingham and we're better than ever.

    Bringing you the hardest, darkest, most twisted and demented sounds you could ever want to hear.....

    ......and it's all for FREE.

    Join us at Moog to hear the likes of...

    Unseen... Leeds' finest export since Tetley's tea bags. Like a guerrilla warrior in the forests of Vietnam this man will stalk up on you and smack you in the face (showing no remorse) with his hard driven bass and unapologetic snares. Trust us, It will be heavy!!!

    king slaFF... Nottingham has never seen a DJ like this, with relentless and unforgiving sets, slaFF reigns supreme in the art of flawless bass-weight dubsket... Both slack and a laugh at the same time.

    Quakerr... This man should come with his own health warning. Hailing from the meadows. Nottinghams own Brummy trend mangler. Irish to the bone. Ninja in the art of drum in your face, trained by albino chimps in Istanbul...The don of Hull

    JeeR... Solid, Stomping Drum and Bass, Jeer will get you as wet as Simon Cowell when he hears there's been a natural disaster. JeeR will be sure to keep you wanting for more.

    Subliminal... Meaning literally "below threshold". His sub-sonic basslines will trigger a subconcious primal need to skank. He tells you what to do and you WILL adhere.

    Mercules... So dark they had to send him back from the Dam. But Holland's loss is Nottingham's gain. Like the strongman son of Zeus, this man will merc ya...You have been warned!

    LifeForm... This man is proof that there is life on other planets. He joins us from a world unknown to the likes of you and me. A Utopian world where bass rules the movements of it's plebs and controls the shapes they throw on the dance floor. You have no choice but to surrender to his will. Listen! Dance! The two rules in LifeForm's world.

    Friday 5 March 2010

    9:00 - 2:00

    Moog - Newdigate Street (off Alfreton Road)

    Get a taxi up there, ask the driver for a receipt, bring it to the bar and get £4 off your first round. It only costs £3.50 for a cab from town, so you're actually making money.

    Join Facebook group "Karma Nottingham"

    Bring us a mix for a chance to play future events.

    See you down there...
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    This week. It's gonna be large and remember, it's free.

    For an idea of what you're going to get check out a video from our last event:

    Hope to see you down there.