NOTTS -4th June -Karma@Moog -Doc Vin, Wooda, Lowpass & more


Always Bringing you the hardest, darkest, most twisted and demented sounds you could ever want to hear...

Don't forget it's all for FREE!!!

Doc Vin - Just what the doctor ordered if your prescription is pure filth taken audibly. This man has been tearing up dancefloors across the midlands and the UK for over a decade now and we're very proud to have him up for his KARMA debut.

Wooda - Head Honcho of Birmingham dubstep night, "RESISTANCE", Also playing his Nottingham debut. Pure bassweight business, a reminder of why your nan warns you against the dark side of dubstep.

Lowpass - Notts' own Lowpass comes to KARMA to rip the arsehole out of our dancefloor. Sick beats, aggressive basslines, the Darkheart of Dubstep.

Dodgy - Not to be confused with the 90's indie fuckwads of the same name. "If it's good enough for you, It's good enough for me, If you know the next two lines, KARMA isn't the place for thee."

+ Karma Residents:

slaFF - One of the lynchpins of KARMA's resident crew, slaFF is quickly making a name for himself in Notts as the most disgusting dubstep DJ on the circuit. His sets are always an adventure and they're always dirty.

Jeer - Jeer's unrelinqishing love for dark, rolling stompers coupled with an innate ability to keep dancefloors moving gave birth to the bastard love child that is KARMA - Who's the fuckin' daddy?

Quakerr - Without a doubt Nottingham's filthiest D&B DJ. An ordeal of Drum and Disgrace, Quakerr will bring you to your knees with the pounding rhythm of pots & pans snare attack.

Get a taxi up there, ask the driver for a receipt, bring it to the bar and get £4 off your first round. It only costs £3.50 for a taxi from town!

MOOG - Newdigate St, Radford, Nottingham, NG7 4FD