Notting Hill Carnavil Monday 25 August !! Who Going !!!


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Jul 3, 2005
High Wycombe Village
Notting Hill Carnavil Monday 25 August !! Who Going !!!

Notting Hill Carnival sound systems are an integral part of the Carnival experience and dozens of them feature at the event every year.

Rampage, Colville Gardens
The legendary Rampage sound system is back for 2008 with the usual mix of hip hop, bashment, and club RnB, ready to pump throughout carnival weekend. Rampage has been a key feature of the Notting Hill Carnival for over 10 years, regularly attracting crowds of devoted partygoers and live acts. Past acts include Ms Dynamite, Sean Paul, Mos def and Dizzee Rascal, and this year you can see the likes of Mike Anthony, Treble T, D Nyce and Leggz.

# Also in the area:Pineapple Tribe, Ledbury Road
# Channel One, Leamington Rd Villas
# People's Sound ft. Sufferers, All Saints Rd
# Rapattack, All Saints Rd
# CMC/Matrix, All Saints Rd
# Killawatt, St. Lukes Rd
# Confusion, St. Lukes Rd
# Sir Lloyd, Tavistock Rd
# Studio Sound 21, Powis Square
# King Tubbys, Clydesdale Rd
# Mangrove Sound, All Saints Rd
# Disya Jeneration, Powis Terrace
# Quakamass, Ledbury Rd
# Gazs Rockin Blues, Talbot Rd
# GT FleX Roadshow and Mayhem Crew, St. Stephens Gdns
# Nasty Love Mixing Lab, Colville Gdns
# Jah Observer, Ledbury Rd/Talbot Rd
# The Fun Bunch, Talbot Rd

Good Times, Southern Row/ West Row
It will be a full blown party at Good Times, a notoriously funky sound system headed by the legendary Norman Jay. Revellers will be out in force to party in the sun at one of Carnival’s most popular sound systems, featuring an iconic, highly acclaimed DJ. Get your groove in vibrant carnival style at one of the most famous Notting Hill Carnival sound systems.

# Also in the area:4 Play, West Row
# Aba Shanti-I, East Row
# GI Roadshow, Adella St
# Sir Valdez, Golborne Rd
# Lord Shane, Anderson St
# Rough but Sweet, Conlan St
# Sancho Panza, Conlan St
# Gladdys Wax Road Show, Portobello Rd
# High on Hope, Bonchurch Rd./Portobello Rd
# Mastermind Roadshow, Canal Way
# Midnight Express 747, Middle Row/Southern Row
# Love TKO and Ramjam Radio, Golborne Rd

KCC and the Rockin Crew, Wornington Rd.
Iconic DJ and Notting Hill stalwart Keith KCC welcomes a selection of DJs to accompany him on the KCC soundsystem for 2008. Expect a delectable selection of funky house and club classics from the man himself, Paul Emanuel (from the legendary Haji and Emanuel), and a special appearance from DJ Sound. This float's set to be one of the best Notting Hill Carnival sound systems, so get your ears down there and shake that booty.

# Also in the area:Mellowtone Sound System, Telford Rd
# Latin Rave Street Jam, Portobello Rd
# Saxon Studio, St. Lawrence Terrace
# Virgo International, outside People's Theatre
# High Grade, Oxford Gdns
# Lord Gellys, Cambridge Gdns

Have Fun

Greg P

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Jan 16, 2008
Yeah I'm so, so going to this... I LOVE carnival and go every year, I'm gonna go Monday and Sunday, it's kinda nice to go both days as you can spend one day walking round seeing all the sights and having fun, then the next day just shakin your ass!

Probably be at CMC/The park at the end of All Saints road on the Sunday, then gettin down to Norman Jay at the Good Times bus for all of Monday (great soundsystem they have on that one).

Hope you're all coming, this is totally the highlight of the year for me!!


Feb 27, 2008
East Sussex
Channel One, Leamington Rd Villas,
Studio Sound 21, Powis Square,
King Tubbys, Clydesdale Rd,
Aba Shanti-I, East Row,
Saxon Studio, St. Lawrence Terrace

gonna be there for sure!!
If your going be sure to check out ABA SHANTI-I
Smashed it last year up until the system started smoking!
Carnival never been the same for d n b since TOV stopped on all saints road. Got some footage of Roni size, Krust and Die
b2b. Never seen a place going so wild lol


double safety
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Mar 15, 2007
raglan, nz
i'm probably going on the sunday, unless it pisses it down. although i might still go because there's nothing i like more than getting completely ripped off trying to buy an 8th


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Sep 15, 2007

BOH!! the guy is a Legend.... love the way his one deck is so high you cant even see what record he's playin..... the guy puts it right at the top of his PA stack.... hahahaha... love it!!

If anyone wants to see what a TRUE soundsystem is..... go see Aba-Shanti.... LEGEND!!
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