Not stritcly a production question....

Discussion in 'Production' started by Borf™, Dec 31, 2014.

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    I'm thinking of recording a mixtape using only beats from Dilla's beat tapes.

    Problem is a lot of them are low quality recording. Can I do anything to even slightly improve this?

    Also, there's a lot of hissing on some of them. Can I get rid of this? I don't have any music editing software really except virtual Dj which I just use to loop a few bars when writing to a song. Can I do anything with that? I know Audacity is free, would that be of use?
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    yes, you can reconstruct them from the cleanest parts, be it on hit for hit level or pasting together the cleanest parts of a loop then looping that, basically lots and lots of chopping.

    noise reduction hiss reduction all those reconstruction functions in audition and then mastering plugs like izotope

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