Noshad Defiance, MC Stormin, MC Linden D double a sides out today!!!!!!!!!!

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    Urban Veteran Records new release "Dont Play With Me" which features DJ Noshad Defiance on production and MC Stormin on vocals also out now "Bustin" which also features Dj Noshad Defiance on production and MC Linden D on vocals. The release which is out today (March 5th) can be downloaded from all good digital download stores such as: DNB ARENA - BEATPORT - NU URBAN MUSIC - HMV DIGITAL - TRACK IT DOWN - JUNO MUSIC - AMAZON.

    To get more updates and exclusive material add us on facebook.!/noshadd!/mclindend

    Urban Veteran Records have also released 2 previous E.P's which included "Seige" which features Oddboy and Noshad Defiance and "Animal" with Illtaktix and Noshad Defiance which can also be downloaded from all good digiatl download stores.

    Support the scene people, maximum respect!!!!!!