Nose Bleed Sessions: Old Hardcore and dirty DnB

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    Dustep, Old Hardcore, Drum & BASS MIX!

    Mix for ya it has some dubstep then it goes into old hardcore and into some DnB. It is mix sampler with some scratching and effects stuff on top.

    The link has all three styles and they are worth a check but if you only want dubstep then check the track list and you will see where the Dubstep mix ends.

    Click links below innit and if you want to download to your desktop then right click (PC) or hold (ctrl) and click if you on da MAC flex saan. pz!!!

    These are just some short mixes of three styles, I will be doing longer mixes of each genre soon. There is some nice stuff on here with scratches innit. Enjoy and please do hit me up and let me know what you think.

    BE WARNED!!!!!! The Dubstep and DnB is heavy weight so it might give you a nose bleed.

    Track List

    Zero M2 – Benga
    Look at My Eyes – Orien
    Lightning – Skream
    Drop the Waste – Headhunter
    Cockney Violin – Caspa
    Ghost Not Memory – Darqwan
    Night – Benga & Coki
    Examination of Time – Babylon System & Noah D
    Once Upon a Time Called Now – Marlow
    26 Basslines – Benga (Tempa)

    Old Hardcore/ Jungle Mix
    We are i.e.
    Liquid is Liquid
    Darkrider – Rufige Kru
    Kemistry - Goldie
    Terminator – Goldie
    Terrorist – Ray Keith
    Return to Atlantis – LTJ Bukem
    Renegade Snares - Omni Trio Foul Play Remix
    Valley of The Shadows –
    Roots 'n' Future – Phuture Assassins
    Lord Of The Null Lines - Hyper On Experience
    Pulp Fiction – Alex Reece
    Screwface - Brainkillers
    Super Sharp Shooter - DJ Zinc

    Drum & Bass
    As Dust Falls – Spor
    No Remorse – Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch
    Odd Number – Evol Intent
    Submerged - Calyx & Teebee Remix
    The resistance – Spor
    Alice Noisia Remix
    Retrograde – Chook
    Dual Processed – Teebee & Calyx
    Midnight Special – Unknown Error
    Hot Rock VIP – Phace
    Poison – The Upbeats