Norwax - Drum & Bass Session March 2015


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Hey all! Recorded a new mix, been busy lately, that's why I'm not recording so much as I used to.

Went through some of the stuff I've been feeling the most lately, got both fresh and older stuff inside, hope you like it, and leave some feedback if you want to guys!

Alix Perez - Forsaken (Calibre Remix) (feat. Peven Everett & SpectraSoul)
Skeptical - Imperial
Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile
dBridge & Vegas - True Romance (VIP)
Ulterior Motive - Tape Pack
D.Kay, Epsilon - Space Quest
Sam Binga - Lef Dem (Enei remix)
DJ Hazard - Death Sport
DRS - Emergency (feat. Marcus Intalex)
Gerwin - Life Cycle (Break Remix)
Ivy Lab - Gomeisa
Total Science - No Justice (Jubei Remix)
DLR - The Grip (feat. Ant TC1)
Skeptical - Blue Eyes (VIP)
SpectraSoul - I Don't Mind
Dub Phizix - The Clock Ticks
Ulterior Motive - Sideways
S.P.Y - Manicured Reality (feat. LowQui)
Quadrant - Scandal
Enei & MC DRS - Obsession (Foreign Concept Remix)



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Giving it a listen right now, tracklist is very much to my liking. Will edit post with feedback.
So far I'm at the Dkay tune, loving the tune selection so far, lots of tunes I play out these days aswell, can't go wrong with those. The Dkay Tune is going in my collection, loving it.
Jeez, Death Sport coming in hard! Then the transition to Emergency, loving it. From now on it's just amazing, at Gomeisa right now into No Justice.

Enjoyed the mix, great flow aswell. Looking forward to the next installment!
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Ok gave a listen and jotted some thoughts as I went!

Forsaken remix to kick it off! Liking the use of Imperials drums to ride over the top of the mix, been doing mixes with a similar idea to that. Really goes to show how diverse an EP that is. Live on your smile creeping in with the bass stabs before the drop and a really good double., imperials drums once again sat really nicely in the mix. True Romance VIP (I actually need to pop this in a mix at some stage) was super smooth with LOYS. Really well eq’d or filtered – what mixer do you use out of interest? Ooohhh Tape Pack! And the bass switches too yes yes Jota! Fucking hell! I really need a copy of tape pack on vinyl…
The old school drums of Space Quest really took over the mix a bit too much for me. Not a bad mix just wasn’t entirely my cuppa t. Just realised whats coming in next…oh gosh! The cutbacks to Lef Dem remix woaaaaahahhhhhh. Back on track! I’m not the biggest fan of Death Sport but felt the double out of Lef Dem remix was decent, heard very few people use Emergency in a mix, when for me it smacks the A side out of the park. Good double again, eq’d/filtered well. Expecting this double with Life Cycle remix to work a treat and yes spot on, once again well eq’d/filtered. Best 3, 4 tune section so far, but overall loved the way you have dipped through a few different styles
Really love Gomeisa. Best tune off the new Ivy Lab EP in my opinion. Really solid double again. Little bit shakey out of Gomeisa with No Justice remix when it dropped. My mate absolutely cains no justice remix. Big tune. Just had a sneaky peak at the TL to see what I have in store…can start to hear The Grip building up…not bad felt this tune needs the gain turned up a little! Lost a little of the “oomph”. However the midranges really fused well together in the mix. Blue Eyes VIP WOAAH. The mids of the grip sat beautifully to give Blue Eyes VIP one hell of growl! Awesome stuff man. Probably my favourite mix so far.
I don’t mind is coming in, felt I heard a few slurrrs of touching a platter. Felt the rolling vibe didn’t really work as well as the mix before with Blue Eyes VIP, slightly overpowering. Couple of little slurs and a bit out when Clock Ticks drops and when you are correcting it, would have preferred the straight up double with Clocks Ticks Bass rather than utilizing the bass from I Don’t Mind. Sideways is a personal favourite, nice to hear the breakdown of Clock Ticks roll out, nice solid mix again with Sideways. There isn’t really a lot left of The Clock Ticks to make a really mad blend but good mix regardless. Never heard the next tune before. The droning bass seemed to sit really well with Sideways very nice. Two to go. Like the fact this wasn’t doubled, changed it up from the previous consistency of all out doubles. Nice tune too, need to see if I can get my hands on it. Last mix with Obsession rmx was ok. Bit shakey, but ok!

All in all pretty good man, some parts were a little shakey but corrected quick enough so can't complain, actually felt like I was listening to a person mix rather than a machine as put it together.
Fav mix was probably Space Quest >> Lef Dem remix or The Grip >> Blue Eyes VIP.

Big ups man. Enjoyed throughout for selection and some quality bits in there.



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Thanks alot pals! Little different from the last few ones I've posted here. Used to mix alot of that hard neurofunk business (wich I still do sometimes), but I've been feeling better playing stuff like this. Plus, there's going to be a dnb event every month in my town (friend of mine is taking care of it), called Liquid Jungle sessions, dedicated to this kind of stuff (no commercial "liquid" stuff, just calibre and sou:r's alix perez style), some deep and jungle aswell, first one coming this saturday!

Thanks for listening! :)


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Woah mate! That's what I call a feedback! Thanks alot for that, really appreciated! Makes me want to go and record another one right now so you can do the same haha :)
Yeah I noticed a few slips and eq errors (mainly with The Grip) but just after it was recorded... And since it was a pain in the ass to get some time to record it, didn't really felt like doing it again hehe :D
About the mixer, my good old djx700!

Thanks ALOT again Smith, seriously! :)

Nice one Muzza, come back with some thoughts when you can! :)


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Those 5 tracks made for a great start - love all of them, and all worked really well together. Emergency > Life Cycle: not heard life cycle before, nice tune. You managed to balance the vocals really well, no clashes at all. Spectrasoul - I Don't Mind has got such a guilty pleasure vocal, I quite like it actually. I really like the blend with The Clock Ticks as well. I can hear Sideways coming in, fucking love that tune. I'm not gonna lie, something about that blend doesn't do it for me.

Great mix, Norwax. Sorry that my notes are a bit few and far between but I'm at work so couldn't commit 100% attention. Look forward to the next


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Hey Papa! Yeah been busy but everything's fine! What about ya?

Thanks for listening mate waiting to hear your thoughts!